Immerse your customers in a natural setting complete with all the comforts and amenities, and you’re guaranteed to achieve success. From the initial concept to the final launch, :: A N G U L A R :: is here to support you every step of the way.

We deliver a turnkey tourism project to you.

We take the stress out of building your dream project by first assessing the land’s suitability and then constructing your project seamlessly. Let us handle the details so you can focus on enjoying the final result.


The tourism industry, which is constantly in search of innovative ideas to recreate the most memorable experiences, is responsible for the creation of “glamping”.

This word fuses the words “glamour” and “camping”, meaning that you get the best of both worlds, the luxury of a five star hotel and the adventure and connection with nature of a camping.

Glamping is for those who want to approach the universe of camping without having to go through its cumbersome practices. This trend brings with it a new concept of tourist, the so-called “glampers”, who want to be at one with nature but also value personalized service, quality products and good and innovative infrastructure that allows direct contact with nature.


Preliminary site studies

We analyze the urbanistic, environmental, hydrological, and tourist viability of the land to identify any potential issues that may arise during the project and to ensure said project is well-designed, sustainabe and compliant with local regulations and permits. 

Business plan development

A professional business plan is your best roadmap

Our business plan designs the most profitable and viable strategy with the land and financial resources available.


We find all available grants and subsidies, structure funding sources, aid in finding investors, and design a correct financial strategy. Lately, we have been analyzing new financing formulas such as crowdfunding or the tokenization of tourism assets

Engineering and architecture

Our architecture studio, with experience in more than 11 glamping projects, is present from the early stages of the project. Their expertise in urban planning and our team of industrial engineer and construction director ensure a comprehensive and integrated approach to design, construction, and management.


Our domes are customized to your needs. We can install it for you, or we can send the kit for your team to install on the land. From the signing of the contract, in 12 weeks you will have your dome ready for its purpose.

Marketing and revenue management

The graphic design and communication team’s expertise in the rural and nature tourism industry allows for effective and targeted marketing strategies for the glamping industry. The focus on both national and international channels ensures a wide reach and access to a diverse range of potential clients. 

Coherence, safety, speed, and profitability.



Our team has been working in nature tourism projects for 22 years, through their different development stages. When processes are clear, timelines are shortened, errors are reduced, resulting in cost savings.

A team of specialists

Economists, hotel conceptualizers in constant contact with the market and new trends, architectural specialists, engineers, landscapers, interior designers, grant experts, marketing and revenue management experts, and tourism project operations specialists.

Commitment to deadlines

Given that it is a structure based on triangular pieces, it is easy to anticipate in advance how many triangles each surface has, and therefore calculate the deadlines accurately.

From the idea to the launch

You have the land, but you’re not a professional in the tourism business. With this service, we develop a successful product for you, which you can then operate in your own or delegate the management to ANGULAR for a monthly income. Either way, you will obtain a very high return on that land, which was previously unproductive.

Fabricantes Domos de lujo de madera para Glamping ECOLUXURY


Depending on the location, an average daily rate of 450-1550€ euros per night can be obtained, and the investment in an experiential dome can be amortized in 1 year and 4 months.

Naturally, this profitability is subject to market conditions, communications, and demand generators. We design your project to minimize risks and maximize profitability.

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