Our “Basic Kit” model is designed for those looking to enter the world of eco-tourism or simply wish to expand their residential or commercial horizons with a distinctive touch.

Starting at just 20.310€ + shipping

Whether you are planning a small nature retreat, an outdoor office, a serene yoga room, or any other imaginative space, this kit offers the flexibility and aesthetics you need.

Product Specifications:

Standard size: 30 M2.

Height: 3m.

Width: 6m diameter.


  • (x40) Wooden triangles, pre-assembled and pre-drilled.
  • (x5) Transparent triangles for the window(no motor included).
  • (x2) Triangular folding windows.
  • (x1) Regular door (no motor included)

Wood exterior cladding and special Lasur treatment for marine use, ensuring durability and resistance against the elements.

Wooden exterior lining.

Installation Manual: Each kit includes a detailed Installation Manual that will guide you through the assembly process step by step, ensuring you can enjoy your dome with minimal effort.


Transform Your BASIC KIT

Imagine your own multifunctional space: a sunlit art studio, a cozy garden lounge, or even an innovative coworking space. With the ANGULAR DOMOS Basic Kit, the limit is your imagination

Motorized Rotation mechanism for the pavilion

The Angular team installs the platform and pavillion rotation system for you.

Motorized open/close big windows

With the ANGULAR app the customer will be able to open and close the large window. 

Wind and humidity sensors will close the window automatically if required.

The Central Cube

Our very own designed space with several uses:
Bathroom + Kitchen + Cupboard + Headboard + Loft with 2 beds for 2 people.

(minimum surface of 48 m2 required)

Add more triangular windows

Swap the wood for glass and add up to 32 additional triangular windows.

Double insulating chamber

The three-layer coating is sufficient in 80% of climates, however, in extreme climatic conditions it is highly recommended to add this element.

Design Bathroom Module

Add a bathroom including:

Sink with faucet
Shower with grohe faucets.

Design Kitchen Module

Add a kitchen inlcuding:

3 modules 60cm wide and deep
2-burner glass hob.


Depending on the size of the pavillion.

From hanging chimneys to fireplaces with a firewood oven.



We adapt to you.
Tell us what you need and we will make you a personalized proposal.


You can choose different self-sufficiency options, with solar panels+batteries, water tank and septic tank.

In 50 working days

You will receive your Orbit KIT in 70 days completely finished and ready to start making your investment profitable.


3 cm of insulation of different densities and wood finishes. We can achieve an "A" energy rating in most locations.

Recyclable Ecological Materials

Finished with wood from certified forests in Spain. We also use OSB wood that is obtained from the use of branches, and is insulated with recycled cotton or sheep wool.

Structure very resistant

The structure of the KIT is earthquake resistant. It is also perfect for areas with strong winds.


Prices vary depending on design, size and quality of materials and equipment. We provide you with a initial budget almost immediately. The final price will only be established once the plans are finalized and approved. The price is subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate, materials, transportation costs, labor, etc.

Yes, it can be customized, however you must keep in mind that if you want a loft to have 2 beds of 90 x 190cm, it is necessary to increase the height, and to do so the pavilion needs about 9 meters in diameter, leaving 2m high from the base of the loft to the top of the dome. In order to comfortably accommodate 2 people, a pavilion should have an area of 20m2, about 5m in diameter.

At Angular Domes we achieve enough thermal and acoustic insulation for most cases with the use of a 30 mm three-layer board composed of low-density paulownia wood. For more extreme climates, it is possible to double insulation by placing a second interior board with the same characteristics, creating an air chamber with the exterior board. It is still possible to increase said insulation by placing an insulator, such as cellulose, wool or cork fibers) in said chamber. This type of insulation is much superior to that achieved with canvas (also avoiding the typical condensation this type of lining suffers from), higher density solid wood such as pine or fir, or with composite boards such as OSB, in which, Furthermore, the thicknesses is usually 15 or even 10 mm. The self-supporting structure of the dome is also made with the same material, ensuring resistance equal to, and in most cases higher, than that achieved with metal structures, but achieving improvements, in addition to aesthetics, in insulation and maintenance

It depends a lot on the weather in your region, we deliver all triangles with a previous anti-humidity and anti-insect treatment. Suppliers consider a durability of 5 years, however, we think it is more realistic to carry out maintenance on the wood every 1-2 years.

Each City Council is a world of its own. In Spain, specific regulations are being approved in almost all the Autonomous Communities. These pavilions can be considered “transportable fixed elements.” We have designed them to be able to be completely dismantled without leaving a mark on the ground. This makes things easier with the City Councils. It is also an exit strategy in the event that the law or your personal situation changes.

The basic kit is prepared to accomodate 2 guests. By adding the central cube extra, you get 2 extra beds, making it a 4 person dome.

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